Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pool Party!

Today was a nice day and the next few are supposed to be potentially stinky, so we thought we would take Parker to the pool while we had the chance. We started in the kiddy wading pool.Although this concrete is very interesting, there's not much to do but stand here, Mom!
Oh, but look! Interesting concrete at the big kid pool too!
Finally, out of that stupid carrier! Now, I can swim! "Hi Mommy!"
This is soooo much fun!
We weren't able to stay super long because it started to get a little chilly (for swimming at least), but Parker had a blast and we can't wait to take her back (and to the beach on vacation this summer!)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Not much....

After not quite a week of summer, I don't really have much momentous to write about. (I think that's a good thing!) We've been busy traveling (with more yet to come) and attending graduation open houses (again, with my sister graduating next weekend - more to come!) So, I thought I would just post some pics of Parker. I know that's why you all read anyway! :)

Her hair is getting sooo long! Best mohawk yet!
She was actually have a very serious conversation with the bear. It made me laugh!

Where's the baby? I wish I thought laundry was this much fun!
Just chillin' out and playin' with my piano.
We leave on Friday for a week long stay at my parents' in Michigan. We will be back in town for just a couple days and then we head off to Chicago-land (okay, so they live in Indiana now, but whatever) to visit Alicia's parents. Relaxing summer....yeah, right!