Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feelin' Nostalgic

Parker has always, always, always loved being outside.  Clearly, she does not get this from me, but whatever.  Even when she was a teeny tiny baby - throw her on a blanket in the backyard and she was good to go.  Last weekend, it was nice enough to play at the park and Parker was so joyful that I thought my insides might burst.  As I was watching her play, I thought about how big she has gotten in just 2 short years.  So, along those lines, here are pictures of Parker on some of the first nice days of the season the last two years.  (These were each taken almost exactly 1 year apart)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pink "Puddle" Boots

A couple weekends ago, we allowed Parker a splurge purchase when we were out shopping.  Originally, she wanted to look for a new pair of"shiny shoes" (black patent leather) since her old ones are too small.  I didn't figure we would find any given the change in season, but thought there might be something on clearance.  There wasn't, but Parker did find these pink "puddle" boots.  They have pretty much been glued to her feet ever since.

Clearly, a toddler needs to wear rainboots while brushing her teeth.
 We went to the zoo last Sunday and Parker was soooooo excited to actually find some puddles to splash around in.  She is clearly ready for warmer weather and to play outside.  Me too.
Right now, I'm mostly ready for spring break.  Things are quite busy here and I miss my family.