Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tried to create a witty title, but I'm too sleepy

Parker's hair has been pretty unruly lately. The problem is that her bangs are getting long, but she doesn't really have any hair over her temples and then she has a lot of hair over her ears and in the back. We don't really want to cut it - I think it would just be a bang trim anyway - so we thought we would try barrettes. She didn't really sit still for me to get them in, but she didn't pull them out either. They do fall out as she plays because she tends to rub her head on things (people, cats etc.) They were pretty cute though and we will probably use them when she needs to look presentable! Front view..... Side view.....
Parker has always liked music. Maybe not in the lullaby sort of way that my mom would like, but in more of the beat-box, percussion-y sort of way. Lately, she has been pretty into the piano. She will sit and turn the pages of the music like she is actually reading them. It's funny. Below may be the only sitting down shot of my daughter without an obnoxious amount of diaper hanging out.

I think this picture is too cute because she is staring so intently at the music. We start Kindermusik in a few weeks. I'm hoping she will like it because it might just make me vomit a little. (I've always been a bit - ok a lot a bit - of a music snob so this teacher better know her stuff!) We will see.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Not gonna re-type!

Ergh. I just typed a whole blog and it somehow got deleted. Boo. I'm not starting over. You're just left with the pictures (which I know is what most of you are in it for anyway!)
We went to the State Fair, not once...but twice! The first time we went with our friend, Nancy. Parker rode the extremely fast carousel! Here she is, ready to go! Then, yesterday we went with my brother, Stu. He wanted to pose Parker on all the farm equipment. Generally, she wasn't too fond of it, but this picture is ok. She is sitting in a combine wheel!
And now, for the most important thing! Yesterday, Parker had her first cookie. If you know me, this was definitely a big, camera worthy event! I will only post one picture, so as not to appear crazy (but I have more, don't you worry!) She loved it! (Who doesn't love cookies?)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Backwards Post

Since today is, essentially, the last day of my summer, I thought I would do a quick-ish post of what we've been up to since vacation. But, I just loaded the picutres in the wrong order, so let's throw chronology out the window. Shall we?

We were slacker Moms before vacation and hadn't bothered to set up the little backyard pool that we bought for May. We finally got around to it and I'm really glad we did because she thinks it is so fun!
Parker has also been finally spending some time at home. She has always loved the cats, but her love seems to grow deeper everyday. She is getting much better at "gentle pets" but Kitty Finn still wants nothing to do with her. P will spend long periods of time chasing her. Luckily, Kitty Maxx is more tolerant. Below, Parker shows her adoration for the cat, who is sitting, out of sight, on the chair.
P has also developed a serious love of kitchen utensils. Fine by me. They're plastic and they keep her out of trouble (which she is sooo good at getting into these days) when I'm cleaning up her food messes. (Which is an entirely different post!)
This picture was taken at Amy and Ben's house when our friends Krysten, Adam and Sadie were in town. I post it only because when we were visiting Alicia' family in June, Parker's 2nd cousin, Reece (about a month younger than Parker) carried a plastic chicken leg wherever she went. We thought it was hilarious. Yeah....that's what I get for laughing!

Speaking of our visit with the Smiths, below is really the only picture I was able to get of both Sadie and Parker. I think it's funny because they are giving each other a major staredown. It's like there saying, "Wait a minute! I'm used to being the only cute baby. Who are you????" We loved visiting and one of the best parts of the visit was that Sadie apparently taught Parker how to crawl. P had been sort of trying for a couple days prior, but hadn't really gotten anywhere. The day Sadie left, Parker began crawling - often even that same one foot, one leg, tripod crawl that Sadie does! Too funny!
So, I guess that's it. The end of summer. Tomorrow the in-laws come. They leave Sunday, but my mom and sister come to watch Parker when I go back to school on Monday. Aunt Lauren will still be on vacation (lucky) until Tuesday. I'm extremely nervous about this new job, so you may all have to listen to some ramblings that aren't about Parker. Okay, that's it. I'm out.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Parental Pride

It seems like lately Parker is learning tons of new words (okay, tons is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration) She started a long time ago with "mama." Then she learned "book." (Alicia is VERY proud of this.) At the beginning of July she started with "whoa," which I know isn't really a word, but I think it can count. Then came "uh-oh" and "ball." Today she started saying "boom." What I think is most hilarious about that is that she will fall (okay, really sit from standing) and then, after saying "boom" will sometimes request her Boo Boo Bunny. This is just a frozen block, sort of like those ice cube things with a little rabbit around the outside that someone gave us at a shower. So, now it goes like this: "Boom. Boo Boo Buh" :)

Now, my new favorite. (Please read the heavy sarcasm.) Parker has started saying "poop." Now, in her defense, the girl has her issues with constipation, so we talk about poop and pooping a LOT. This morning she was having a hard time and was laying on my shoulder. When I asked if she was okay, she replied "poop poop." Great. So my kid now says "poop." I should be so proud.