Friday, May 30, 2008

"Boringly Healthy"

I wasn't particularly fond of the Friday Fill-in's today and I actually have something else I can write about, so that's what we are going to do!

We had another doctor's appointment today. Before I was pregnant, I was under the impression that big exciting things happened at these appointments. Apparently, I was just plain wrong. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE that I don't have to take off my pants every time I go to the doctor now (which was not the case a year ago), and I do get excited to hear the baby's heartbeat, but the rest is pretty boring.

So, anyway, today was a regular appointment. I'm fine. The baby's fine. Everything's great. We are apparently "boringly healthy." (That's an exact quote for you.) I'm happy with that.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Severe Boredom

As it is the last day of school and few students attend, I have literally almost nothing to do today. So, I figured I would alleviate my boredom, for a few minutes at least, by completing the "Fivers" that the rest of the world did a week or so ago...

What were you doing 5 years ago?
Alicia and I were still in New Hampshire. I was finishing up the never-ending school year (still had about 3 weeks or so to go). I had just turned 25 and was having a crisis about it, which is so funny now that I have sucessfully maneuvered the big 3-0. The "room" that I had been teaching in was being destroyed so I was letting my kids draw all over the walls. By the time that school was over the room was completely gone, as if I had never been there. It was a little sad. But, the next month before I moved back (leaving Alicia and the broken cat to finish her grad classes in NH) was one of the best times I have ever had. Just as a little addendum to this section ....I miss the Dover Delight and being able to just drive to the ocean whenever wanted.

What are 5 things on your "to-do" list for today?
Well, there isn't much really (which is wonderful!)
1. Track down my academic dean and get her to sign this stupid piece of paper so that I can leave school (It's gonna involve several flights of stairs and I am soooo lazy!)
2. Give up my computer :( I will be procrastinating that until the VERY end of the school day!
3. Move my copier and other miscellaneous things from my office
4. TRY to figure out how to deal with this long-term sub thing in the fall
5. Have an end of the year celebration with Amy, Ben, Bryn and Shay.

What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
mmmmmm..... I do love a good snack.

1. Chips and "with cheese"
2. Anything chocolate
3. Cereal (yeah, I know that's a little weird, but don't judge!) :)
4. Cookies and milk. (This is a really healthy list so far......)
5. Ice cream!!!!! I love ice cream!!!!!!

What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?

1. Quit my job WITHOUT financial worries so that one of us can stay home and raise the baby (ies.)
2. Buy the rest (or at least a decent supply) of our favorite donor so our kids can all be full siblings.
3. Pay off my family's (and our) debt.
4. Take fun trips with my friends and family
5. Something philanthropic that would take the "good" kids out of the ghetto and give them a chance to succeed, because I feel like the system eats these kids and doesn't even give them a chance. I haven't worked it all out yet.

What are 5 of your bad habits?
1. Leaving my shoes all over the house
2. Procrastinating (especially household chores)
3. Not putting the laundry away the day it's done (see number 2)
4. Leaving the cupboard doors open
5. Not replacing the toilet paper

What are 5 places you have lived?
1. Florida - West Palm Beach
2. Ohio - Dayton
3. Michigan - Pontiac, 4 houses in Brighton
4. Alabama - Athens
5. Indiana - Indianapolis (multiple apartments), Butler and our current house
6. New Hampshire - Dover

So, that one has 6, but I didn't want to leave just one place out......

What are 5 jobs you have had?
1. Uber's Drugs - Cashier and Pharmacy assistant
2. Turkey Run Jr/Sr High band and choir director
3. Winnisquam Regional High School band and choir director
4. Northridge Middle School and North Montgomery High school band director
5. Manual High School Band director

What 5 people do you want to "tag?"
Since I am the last human on the face of the earth to do this, I'm going to say no one. I've already stalked everyone else's answers!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Yesterday was, at the same time, my most dreaded and anticipated day of the year - the Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade. For those of you who have the pleasure of sitting home on your couch watching the parade on tv or, even better, blissfully not even caring that it exists, this day is not important for you in any way. But for me, it is a big day.

This is the day when I get to spend 5 hours hanging around in parking lots and on busses with the children I teach (who normally do not bother me so much, but by this time of year I am sooooo done with), the children of the other schools in our district (many of whom are terribly behaved) and all of their directors (some of whom I like, others...not so much). Then, when the ridiculously long wait is over, we get to "march" 2.5 miles through Indinapolis, get on a bus and go home. Generally, the weather is yukky - too hot to be wearing marching uniforms or, like last year - raining- and their is always MUCH drama, particularly between the adults. This is dreaded for, hopefully, obvious reasons. It is anticipated because once it is done - I'm basically on summer vacation. It is my last event of the school year!

So, all that being said. Yesterday wasn't so bad. The weather was gorgeous! The kids were decently behaved (I'm going to go ahead and say it was the weather...not much to complain about) and through a wonderful series of events, I didn't have to actually march the parade! After the babysitting was over - which went by relatively quickly, I was told by an administrator to get on a golf cart! YEA! I got driven to the end of the route and was able to sit on the cart until the children showed up. Yes, there was some drama, but I managed to downplay it and just move on. Most importantly, the kids' parents all picked them up within a reasonable amount of time, so I was able to get in a lengthy nap before my in-laws arrived.

Overall, not so bad, at least in retrospect!

Friday, May 23, 2008

First time effort

So, my friends Amy and Cathy have convinced to create this, but I don't feel like I have anything interesting to say.... I guess I will just use a cheater's start and do a Friday Fill-in.

1. On my laziest day I like to sleep and cuddle on the couch all day!

2. Crossing things off a list makes me feel like I'm being productive. I often will add them to the list, even after they have been done, just so I can cross them off!

3. I love little clothes (baby clothes are sooo cute!) and big pieces of cake (or plates of cheese fries depending on if I'm in a sweet or salty mood).

4. This summer I want to spend lots of time with Alicia and get ready for the baby.

5. Amy and Cathy made me start my blog - very fitting question since this is my first post.

6. Red toes and oranges. Really, I've been wanting peaches, but I will settle for oranges when we go to the store tomorrow.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to getting graduation over with, tomorrow my plans include fulfilling my band directorly duties and taking my kids to perform in the 500 parade, then coming home to CRASH and Sunday(and Monday), I want to hang out with the fam and pretend that it's summer (which it almost is!)