Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Future's So Bright...

The other day Parker and I were driving in the car and she was complaining about the sun in her eyes. I said that if she was wearing sunglasses, the sun wouldn't be so bright. Last summer, she would have nothing to do with them, so I was really just making conversation, not thinking she would ever actually wear a pair.

Fast forward to last night. Alicia needed something to wear to graduation, so we stopped at the Kohls after dinner. When we got out of the car, Parker started saying, "sunglasses!" I asked her if she would wear a pair. She said she would. Alicia didn't really believe her, so she asked if Parker would wear a hat instead (something else she is not fond of). Parker again replied that she would.

So, we let Parker pick out a pair of sunglasses. She insisted on wearing them all through the store and announced to anyone who would listen that it was, "Dark" and that we should all, "sleep." She wanted to get a hat as well, but Kohls didn't have any. I remembered that we had a couple hats at home from last summer, so when we got back Parker modeled her new summer look.
This last one cracks me up. Who does she think she is? :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Impromptu Sprinkler Fun

Parker and I were taking a walk last night when we encountered a sprinkler that was sprinkling the sidewalk as much as it was the grass. Parker didn't really know what to think at first, but she kept walking back and forth through the sprinkling water. Then she got brave and started to walk into the grass. (Yes, this was the neighbor's grass, but no one lives there yet - the builders were just watering the sod.) I started to feel guilty that she was playing in someone else's future yard, so I brought her home and got out our sprinkler. Of course, Alicia had just finished cutting the obnoxiously long grass. So, P got very wet and covered in grass clippings.

I love how you can tell she just got blasted with cold water!

Cheesy Smile, Mommy!

Summer Fun - Here We Come!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday. We celebrated by going out to breakfast and then trying out one of the Noblesville Parks. Forest Park is huge with two playgrounds, a golf course, a carousel, a putt putt golf course and an aquatic center. One of the playgrounds is designed specifically for kids age 2-5. AWESOME! The thing I hate about taking Parker to the playground is following her around all the equipment worried that she will fall through one of the high openings designed for older kids. I did not have to worry about that here. All the steps were the right height, everything was pretty much enclosed and there were so many things that our other park does not have.

So, here is Parker swinging on a big kid swing. It was cool because it had a "C" shaped seat, which gave her more stability than the regular swings, but it wasn't a baby swing. She loved it!
They had a large sand area that included shovels that you operated by sitting in a seat and moving levers with your hands. Parker wasn't too interested in that, but she didn't seem to mind getting dirty!

Here she is walking over a bridge and peering over the edge at Alicia.

I think these faces are hilarious!

On her way up to the top...
They also had this flexy balance beam thing. Parker loved walking back and forth. Who knew walking would be so much fun?
No Hands Mom!!!!!! She was fearless. I was afraid she was going to fall off the entire time. She didn't. :)
After the park, we came home and Parker took a nap. Our friends Nancy and Grammie came over to watch Parker while Alicia and I went to the ISO and then to dinner. All in all, a pretty nice day. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The past few months, Parker has really been into apple "sticks." (That would be strips of apples.) Sunday, I was trying to cut her some apple sticks and she grabbed the whole apple (well, the half apple) and just started eating. Okay. Less work for me. :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Many Faces of P

We had a very lazy Sunday. We got up, had breakfast and just started to work on Parker's room. We didn't bother getting out of our pajamas. So, when lunchtime rolled around we were still in our jammies! Parker was being quite silly while sitting on the counter and made all her different faces for us. (Please pardon her jammies and crazy hair!)

Here is Parker's "cheesy smile" face.
Here is "OH!" face (part 1)
We asked for "pouty face" and got a pouty "kissy" face instead.
"Oh" part 2
"Fishy Face" (This one requires a little bit of help!
There you have it: the many faces of P!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Adventures

Since our backyard is currently a bunch of dirt with a few straggling blades of grass, Parker and I thought we would take advantage of the nice weather and walk to our new park. It's not quite as close as the one in our old neighborhood, but it's worth the walk! The equipment is about the same, but there is a much larger grassy area with mature trees (which definitely didn't exist in our old neighborhood) a covered picnic area and a path that goes through a nice wooded area and over a small stream.

Parker definitely had a great time today. The swings were all lowered to her height so she could touch the ground. (She tried every one.)
Here is is climbing the "stairs" to the "umbrella" (the covered play area at the top).
Who knew sticks could be so interesting?

And this is what Parker did all the way home!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life Update

It's over. All of my craziness: Done! Yea!

The musical was over on May 1st. The show went well. The kids were/are great. I'm glad to be able to spend more time with Parker, but I miss the University kids tremendously. I think Parker misses them too! :)

We are moved. It was not the world's more organized move, but everything made it to the new house. There are still boxes everywhere. Parker's toys are still just spread all over her new toy room with no specific place. The clothes are all catty-wompus in the closet. There are tons of mini shampoos etc all over the floor of our bathroom. You get the picture. But, we are in and we even ate a dinner at home on Monday night. Shocking. We haven't done that in forever.

Parker seems to be adjusting pretty well, both to the new house and to her new/temporary babysitter - Aunt Sally. She had a hard time sleeping in her room the first few nights, but I think it was a combination of new house, little time with moms and this horrible cold/sinus snotty, cough thing that she woke up with the morning we moved. (Great timing!) She has made it through the last two nights in her room by herself. However, she wants to sleep on the floor. We put a pillow and blanket down there with her animals, but by morning, she has migrated to the middle of the room leaving her "bed" behind. It makes me feel like a bad parent, but she is sleeping, so whatever works I guess.

We really like the house. We've had a couple minor issues with the water heater, but those have been resolved and things are good. I'm getting anxious to get everything in its place and to get things painted (although I can't decide on colors....) I HATE living in an all white house. Hopefully, my wonderful sister will come soon and help us with that! My Dad came down Thursday right after we closed and painted Parker's room, so that's done. I think we are going to go shopping this weekend and get her a few things for it. We're trying to get rid of some of the "baby" things and make it more toddler-y. Parker's pretty cute about it. She will say "Grandpa paint it" as she pats the wall. :) We also need window coverings of some kind as we have these giant, beautiful windows (that everyone can see in and let in WAY too much light in the morning!) Right now, they are covered with broken down boxes. That's Klassy.

My Kindergarten program was yesterday. So, now I just have to make it through the last couple of weeks of school, which shouldn't be a problem now that the programs are over. :)

So, that's what we've been up to. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks things will start getting back to normal.