Saturday, November 27, 2010

For the love of.....

Shutterfly. Yes, I also am shameless and will promote a company (that I LOVE by the way) in order to get free things. So, here goes.

I love Shutterfly. We order more pictures than we should of Parker because we can get them for such a reasonable price. They have solved the problem of what Parker should get for her Great-Grandparents for Christmas because we now just make a calendar and call it good. They love it - it's easy and they are almost always on sale around the holidays.

When Parker was born, we started a share site (mostly for the grandparents) and this will be a third year using their holiday cards.  They are cute (and so is the toddler we put on them!) and easy.

They also have cool things like birthday invitations, which we may be using in the near future when Parker starts having parties for her friends instead of just her family.

So, in conclusion. Please remember. 1) I love Shutterfly.  2) Ever since we have had a child, we have used their photo cards at the holidays. 3) We will be using Shutterfly cards this Christmas 4) They have lots of other cool things that you should check out and...5) I am shameless and just really need to save a bit of money this Christmas.

Thanks you all and look for your card in the mail! :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

In a Nutshell

Parker's life (and therefore OUR lives) lately can be summed up with the following two pictures.
1) So exhausted (or sick) that we fall asleep anywhere and anytime.  (Even on the bath mat while Mommy is taking a shower 45 minutes after we have gotten up.)
 2) This mostly applies to Parker, although we can all get a little cranky. - very ornery, opinionated (please note the raincoat and crocs with socks in NOVEMBER) and in general pretty cranky.
Thank goodness Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.  We need to leave the daycare germs at school, get some sleep and hopefully, get rid of the crankies!