Monday, September 19, 2011

Obligatory Stats Post

Although I don't know that now that Parker is 3, this is so obligatory anymore.  Eh – at least I will have it written down somewhere so I won’t forget.

Parker had her 3 year appointment on Friday.  She did a great job, for the first time in quite a while.  Ever since she had all that testing done when she was little, she has been freaked out about the doctor.  Maybe that is all behind us.  I think it helped that there weren’t any vaccines!

Anyway.  Our “little” girl is 39inches tall and weighs 36 pounds with her clothes on.  That puts her in the 88th percentile for height and 89th for weight (Uh-oh!  Weight has now surpassed height!  I’m gonna go ahead and blame her jeans!)  She is also in the 75th percentile for BMI, which I don’t really understand.  The doctor said at P’s age, she just wants them under the 90th percentile, but what I don’t get is how it is figured.  If she’s 88th and 89th for height and weight, wouldn’t that translate to approximately the same percentile for BMI?  I dunno.  It’s confusing, but the doctor says she is good.  Here’s hoping it stays that way!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Gettin' Artsy

I'm not good at taking "artistic" photos.  Really, I don't even try, but sometimes I get kinda lucky.  I think these are pretty cool.  It's the same photo (duh), but I can't decide whether I like it in color with all the light in her hair or in the sepia tones.  What do you think? (This will be a test to see if anyone actually reads this pitiful excuse for a blog!)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cheesin' at the top of the slide

I think the title sums it up.
Mommy and Parker

Grandma Booga and Parker

Mom, Parker and Grandma Booga - 3 generations of sliders!

NOT about Parker

Alicia and I were lucky enough to receive a free overnight stay at a Bed and Breakfast in Madison, IN from a friend who wasn't going to be able to use it. (Thanks, Rachael!)  So, a couple weekends ago, we dropped Parker off and headed south.  Heading south of Indy always makes me a little nervous, but we were on an adventure!  We decided to go to Madison via Columbus and grabbed some ice cream at whatever that famous ice cream shop there is, then continued on. We arrived in Madison checked into the B and B, which was very nice, but VERY small - think staying overnight at a friend's house and headed downtown to walk around a bit before dinner.  The downtown was area was cute-ish.  We sat by the river for a few minutes and then wandered around the shops.  We found a cute chocolate shop (and of course bought some) and then wandered into a really cool locally owned bookstore.  We had to cut our time there short because we had a reservation for dinner.

Now, dinner - I feel like this is a story unto itself.  When planning this trip, we did a good deal of research into where in Madison a person should eat.  All signs pointed to this particular restaurant.  Now, perhaps I have watched WAY too many episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, but I was definitely channeling Gordon Ramsey during this meal.  So, here goes.  We walked in and the entire restaurant is pink with painted on "exposed brick" on the drywalled wall.  The wall that is actually made of brick is simply painted.  This made me laugh to begin with.  Then, the menu had food from all over the map.  Italian, Greek, French.  I was quite skeptical.  Gordon always says that you need to pick a kind of food and go with it otherwise your customers get confused.    So, we ordered a hummus appetizer.  It was delicious!  I was excited.  This was going to be a decent meal after all.  Then, came our salads.  It's really hard to screw up a salad, but I couldn't even finish it.  I don't know exactly what was wrong with it - it was just a plate of lettuce with one tomato and one cucumber - but I just couldn't.  Maybe it was the dressing.  I dunno.  Things just went downhill from there.  I ordered the gnocchi and Alicia ordered some kind of fish.  My dish was served in a bowl because it was closer to a soup than anything.  The gnocchi were completely submerged in a vat of olive oil sauce.  The gnocchi themselves were completely mushy (think the texture of box mashed potatoes) and had absolutely no taste.  It was gross.  I'm normally not super critical about food, but I couldn't even eat more than 2.  Alicia's fish was also sitting in this weird olive oil sauce.  It was all so disgusting.  We were laughing hysterically.  Honestly, it was the best time I have had at dinner in a long time, although we only really ate the appetizer.  We felt bad not eating any of our food so we pretended that we were super full and had it boxed - then threw them out right outside the restaurant.  We didn't stop laughing for a very long time.

The rest of the trip was really very uneventful.  We returned to the bookstore and bought a book and some handmade earrings (for me, not Alicia) and then decided to go to the movies and see Pirates 4.  We also ate ALL the chocolate that we bought during the movie.  The movie was also terrible, but the company and the chocolate were good! :)  

The next morning we ate breakfast at the B&B while watching a storm roll in and then went on a tour of the winery (complete with tasting).  It was interesting - the whole operation takes place in a barn.  It's a real Mom and Pop operation - they employ one person part time (and then several people to pick the grapes seasonally.)  We bought some wine and headed out.

We decided to stop in Franklin, IN on the way home.  After  all, we were livin' it up in southern Indiana.  Franklin is like every tourist town in the midwest.  It has fudge shoppes, taffy shoppes, ice cream shoppes and more crap than anyone would know what to do with.  However, we did find an amazing local brewery/restaurant.  The food was great and I think we both would make the trek there again just to eat their nachos - which were the best nachos I have ever eaten.  Of course, it starts pouring while we are eating and we are not anywhere near our car.  We decide that we are going to be soaked anyway, so we meander back through the town in the sheets of rain - stopping into several shoppes along the way as a break from the rain and for entertainment purposes.  We were laughing so hard (and probably being pretty obnoxious, but it was fun!)

Now we are in our normal summer-ness of traveling and family.  More posts to come!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pictures from the zoo, zoo, zoo!

We made a quick trip to the zoo.  Here are some cute pics.  I accidentally deleted one and am too lazy to upload it again.  So, first - imagine Parker making cute faces at the fish.

Alicia and Parker looking at the Polar Bear

Parker and Mommy on the train. (It looks like my hair is eating P!)

Parker and the tiger!  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Trip to Butler

Alicia is working a camp at Butler this week so today Parker and I brought her lunch.  When we were done we had a few minutes to walk around before Alicia had to go back, so Parker wanted to find every fountain.

 On the way to the little waterfall by Gallahue, we found a squirrel.
 After Alicia went back, Parker and I walked by the carillon and down by the Gardens.

P had a ton of fun and we would have stayed longer, but she was getting really tired.  I think we will be going back soon.  Butler is always better in the summer!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The last 3 weeks in Pictures

I have been a bad blogger, for many reasons - not the least of which is that I feel I don't have much to say.  Or, rather, I feel I don't have much to say that I would like to be available for the entire world to read.  So, instead, I will do a quick catch up in pictures.  

The weekend before Memorial Day, we went to MI to meet our nephew/cousin, Tyler.  He is adorable and extremely good natured.  Parker held (abused) him for about 45 minutes before conceding to put him down and he didn't get upset once.  We can't wait to visit him again soon.  (Oh, and Steven and Kimber aren't too bad to hang around with either.)  We made a quick stop at my parents' house where Parker, of course, had to play on the trampoline.  It's much different this year, now that she actually knows how to jump!  She had a blast.
 Over Memorial Day weekend, we traveled  to Columbus, OH to visit our friends the Smiths.  Parker, again, had a great time with her friend Sadie.  We went to the Columbus Zoo,
 a gardens thing that I can't remember the name of,
 and to the Worthington Memorial Day parade.
 When we came home, Parker played in the sprinkler.
 She had so much fun in the sprinkler (and it's been so durn hot) that we decided to get a larger pool for the backyard.
And, that's about it.  We've been a to a bajillion graduation parties (but, hey, free food - right?) and are just sort of hanging out.  Alicia has agreed to teach a camp at Butler next week and will be teaching an SAT prep class the week after that, so it's pretty much just me and P.  If anyone wants to play, let me know!  Happy Summer.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


A decent school picture!  These are pretty poor quality because they are ghetto pictures of the actual pictures. I'm mostly excited because when she had pictures in October she was so shy that her teacher had to be in her picture to keep her from screaming.  Every photo had a large white lump (they covered her with a blanket) and they were quite janky.  She has come so far.  Now, she's even chessin' for the camera. 

 This one is my favorite.  It completely shows her personality!

Mother's Day

Things have been a little crazy around here lately.  Finally, this last weekend we had some family time.  Although not stress free since Parker has been VERY two lately, it was still amazingly awesome to spend some time together.

For Mother's Day, Parker (and Alicia) got me some roses, a "SuperMom" ice cream cake, a framed photo of the two of us and her framed handprints.  All of these items were pink.  My daughter is mildly obsessed.  

We had a good day.  My mom was in town helping out my brother and sister-in-law and she stopped by for a few hours.  We hung out on the deck, played with chalk on the driveway, Parker "rode" her tricycle and we went for a walk.  It was really nice to just hang out together outside and not cooped up in the house.
This is NOT the most stellar picture of any of us, but we don't often get a pic of the three of us together.  Just some proof that we sometimes exist in the same room together.
But, THIS is an adorable picture of my Mom and Parker.
I sort of feel like Parker grew up while I was doing the musical and I missed it.  She's so big now.  Sigh. At least there are only 13 more days of school and then 8 weeks of summer.  Gotta live it up as next year summer will be like 5 weeks long.  UGH!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feelin' Nostalgic

Parker has always, always, always loved being outside.  Clearly, she does not get this from me, but whatever.  Even when she was a teeny tiny baby - throw her on a blanket in the backyard and she was good to go.  Last weekend, it was nice enough to play at the park and Parker was so joyful that I thought my insides might burst.  As I was watching her play, I thought about how big she has gotten in just 2 short years.  So, along those lines, here are pictures of Parker on some of the first nice days of the season the last two years.  (These were each taken almost exactly 1 year apart)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pink "Puddle" Boots

A couple weekends ago, we allowed Parker a splurge purchase when we were out shopping.  Originally, she wanted to look for a new pair of"shiny shoes" (black patent leather) since her old ones are too small.  I didn't figure we would find any given the change in season, but thought there might be something on clearance.  There wasn't, but Parker did find these pink "puddle" boots.  They have pretty much been glued to her feet ever since.

Clearly, a toddler needs to wear rainboots while brushing her teeth.
 We went to the zoo last Sunday and Parker was soooooo excited to actually find some puddles to splash around in.  She is clearly ready for warmer weather and to play outside.  Me too.
Right now, I'm mostly ready for spring break.  Things are quite busy here and I miss my family.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Goin' on a Bear Hunt

There is a Bear who lives in our house.  Apparently, the house was built around him.  A few times a day, the Bear decides to attack and we need to stop whatever we are doing and either 1) hide or 2) fight back.  Parker has gotten much braver since she received this kick-butt rocking horse from her Grandpa for Christmas.  She will hop on her horse and "chase" the bear.  After some time, she will catch the bear and "squish" it.

Here Parker is looking for the Bear.

 And here she is just being cute after the Bear has been squished.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Grandparents Part 2: Grandpas

As mentioned in the last post, Parker loves her Grandparents.  Now, I don't know about anyone else's grandfathers but Parker's are not always up for posed, super cute pictures.  So, here are some live-action shots of Parker with her Grandpas.

Parker and Grandpa Sharp play around with his hat.  Previously, Parker had it on her baby's head and decided it needed to go back on Grandpa's head.

Grandpa Booga helps Parker open a present.  (Or, it might have been his present that she was "helping" with - I don't remember.)  My favorite part of this photo is the plastic Rally's cup on the table! lol

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Grandparents Part 1: Grandmas

Parker loves her grandparents (well all her relatives really.)  Perhaps it is because, for now at least, that she is the center of everyone's attention all the time.  Or, maybe she just loves her family.  Anyway, here are some pics of P with her Grandmas over Christmas.

Parker and Grandma Sharp underneath the adorable blanket that Grandma made.
 Parker and Grandma Booga posing under the tree.
 Okay, this last photo has nothing to do with Grandmas.  But, seriously.  Add a couple feet to this girl and she's 15, right?  Where did my baby go?