Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The last 3 weeks in Pictures

I have been a bad blogger, for many reasons - not the least of which is that I feel I don't have much to say.  Or, rather, I feel I don't have much to say that I would like to be available for the entire world to read.  So, instead, I will do a quick catch up in pictures.  

The weekend before Memorial Day, we went to MI to meet our nephew/cousin, Tyler.  He is adorable and extremely good natured.  Parker held (abused) him for about 45 minutes before conceding to put him down and he didn't get upset once.  We can't wait to visit him again soon.  (Oh, and Steven and Kimber aren't too bad to hang around with either.)  We made a quick stop at my parents' house where Parker, of course, had to play on the trampoline.  It's much different this year, now that she actually knows how to jump!  She had a blast.
 Over Memorial Day weekend, we traveled  to Columbus, OH to visit our friends the Smiths.  Parker, again, had a great time with her friend Sadie.  We went to the Columbus Zoo,
 a gardens thing that I can't remember the name of,
 and to the Worthington Memorial Day parade.
 When we came home, Parker played in the sprinkler.
 She had so much fun in the sprinkler (and it's been so durn hot) that we decided to get a larger pool for the backyard.
And, that's about it.  We've been a to a bajillion graduation parties (but, hey, free food - right?) and are just sort of hanging out.  Alicia has agreed to teach a camp at Butler next week and will be teaching an SAT prep class the week after that, so it's pretty much just me and P.  If anyone wants to play, let me know!  Happy Summer.


Unknown said...

I want to play!!! ;)

Cathy said...

In theory, Chris will be getting better soon, and we can play! You have plenty to say..just say it.