Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Birthday Girl

Parker had quite the birthday weekend! Friday morning was spent at home with Mommy. We went to the park and got to play on all the big kid equipment (without the big kids there to run her over!) Then, Mom came home from work early and we opened presents and went to the zoo. Then, we went out to dinner. All in all, a pretty good day.

Saturday was the big party! The house looked awesome (no pics of that because I think my kid is cuter!) and there were lots of people there celebrating Parker's first year. The biggest new of the party is that Parker took her first 2 steps! She was such a good girl and did it in front of both her moms AND both her grandmas! Tonight she was taking 4 or 5 steps in between Alicia and I! We are pretty excited! Oh yeah, back to the party...

Here is Parker's party cake. (I think the kid ended up with like 3 birthday cakes....spoiled much?)
Parker tries out her new recorder from Aunt Stacy
Parker really likes the wagon from Grandma and Grandpa LaMagdeleine
Here is Parker looking adorable with her umbrella (and matching raincoat- not shown) from Grandma and Grandpa Sharp
And, here is Parker just being cute (the next day) and modeling her new Nike's from Aunt Stacy.
The "baby" got lots of presents including (but not limited to - please don't get mad if I leave out your gift!) puzzles, a wagon, lots of clothes, crayons and a coloring book, several fun toys, some jumbo lego-type blocks and of course her new Nikes (which are too cute for words AND she can walk in them!) My dad refinished a cradle that he had made for me when I was little and gave that to her. It's adorable and Parker and I both love it.

I think P had a great time, but was so tired that she slept in for 2 extra hours this morning. We then, had our families over for brunch and had her 1 year portraits taken at Butler. It was a very exciting, busy weekend. Now, I have to psych myself up to go back to regular life. It might be nice for things to be calm for awhile! :)


Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Parker! You are getting so big and are so adorable. Can't wait to see how cute your 1 yr pics turned out!

Cathy said...

So sweet!

Krysten said...

So cute! Glad everything went so well! I started walking at my first birthday party, too! We had high hopes for Sadie, but just lots of walking with things and people, no independent steps yet. I expect it to happen any day, though. :) Hope you got our birthday card! Sadie helped pick it out!

Suellen said...

We did get your birthday card. Thank you! We are slacker parents. I actually said "Parker should get Sadie a birthday card." Then, we just didn't do it. Sorry. Glad Sadie had a good day (or weekend!) too!