Saturday, September 5, 2009

Parker's Tricks

My favorite thing about Parker's age right now is that she does "tricks." She won't do these in public, generally but we have tons of fun with her at home! Here are her top five.

5)Us: "Parker, what does a cow say?"
Parker: "Mmmmmmm"

4)Us: "Parker, how big are you?"
Parker: "Throws hands in air and grins" (Us: "Soooo Big!")

3)Us: "Parker, are you cute?"
Parker: Shakes head no and grins like a crazy girl.

2)Us: "Parker, how old are you going to be?"
Parker: Holds up one finger (and occasionally says "Wuh")

(Please sing)
1)Us: "Na Na Na Na"
Parker: "Na Na Na Na"
Us: "Na Na Na Na"
Parker: "Na Na Na Na"
Us: "Hey Hey Hey"
Parker: "Huh, Huh, Huh"
Us: "Go-ood Bye"
Parker: "Buh-Bah" (sometimes waving)


Krysten said...

I am so glad that our girls are the same age! It makes things so nice to be at the same milestones at the same time! Sadie's behaving very similarly, though she refuses to do "So Big" anymore. Now she just grins and kind of wraps herself up in her own arms. She's also been very in to giving kisses lately, which is awesome - all-be-them wet!

She's also become a master of standing up and sitting down in one place. She's still not actually going anywhere on her own as far as walking, but I don't think it's going to be long!

BTW - the pictures with the barrettes in her hair are absolutely ADORABLE! Sadie pretty much refuses to leave anything in her hair - not that she has as much as Parker - but it would be oh so nice if she'd leave things there!

Suellen said...

Parker is a big chicken when it comes to the standing up and down. She will literally run while holding on to the tip of one of our fingers, but the second we take it away, she will stop and sit down. It's ridiculous! :)
Parker used to give kisses. Now she is just into "head snuggles" - where she gently puts her head on yours and closes her eyes. It's pretty sweet. Hope Sadie has a good party today.
Parker is horribly miserable today. I'm hoping that she gets over it before Friday! We need to see you guys soon!!!!!