Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why I'm Not a Painter

Parker has been "talking" up a storm lately. Over the weekend, she just started saying LOTS of new things. Here are her new words:

Hi! - She will say this to anyone and everyone. I think she greeted every single person in the Wal-Mart and Kroger on Sunday morning and every student in the hallway of University this afternoon. She even greeted the assistant head of school, said good-bye to him and then clapped for herself.
Kitty! - As in "Kitty, I'm coming to get you." Or "Kitty, get off the counter!"
Car - Goodness knows I feel like we are always in the car, so why shouldn't she know this word?
G0 - This usually goes hand in hand with car
Moooooo - Previously, Parker's cows said "Mmmmmm" They now say "Moo," which is good since she is going to be a cow for Halloween
Ooh-Ooh - This is what a Monkey says
Cookie - Um, okay, I know this is not a surprise to anyone.
Na-na - This is what she calls our friend Nancy. She won't actually call her it, but when asked if she wants to see Nancy, she will say "Na-na"
Maxx - She doesn't quite have the "x" yet, but she is getting there and she does chase after him calling "Maa, Maa"

She is trying to say lots of other things including "cloth" (her snuggle cloth/blankie thing), "coat", "shoes," "socks," and I swear that on two separate occasions when the Smiths were staying with us this past weekend she said "Sadie."

Although she hasn't (yet) started reciting her own poetry, Parker loves to hear her Mom do it- she specifically loves "Why I'm Not a Painter" by Frank O'Hara.

I think Alicia has died and gone to heaven.


amypfan said...

Shay is going to be a cow for Halloween too! We need to get a picture of them together.

Suellen said...

That would be awesome! :)