Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am stuck. I'm not sure how to get un-stuck. Right now, things are good. I work, essentially, part-time but am still able to get insurance through work since they don't consider me a part-time employee. This situation will not be available to me next year. So, I have to decide what I'm going to do.

I would love to stay home. The problem being that then, I don't have any insurance. I have self-insured before, but that is costly - especially when you consider that I won't be bringing in any money. Plus, we want to start thinking about baby #2. This is definitely expensive - and impossible if I don't have any insurance (or am self-insuring!) So, if we want to have another baby, I have to be working full time so that I have insurance (and it would be helpful if I was bringing in money to pay for all the medical expenses that come along with us having a baby - let's remember that P cost us about $25,000 - not including hospital bills for her birth)

I guess, I don't really have an option on that one. So, the next question is where do I work? Do I try to stay in the district I am now or do I seek out other opportunities? I'm not entirely sure how it works coming off a job-share and wanting to go back full time. The wonderful thing about my current district is that they won't want to even talk about any of this until May-ish. Fantastic. It's not like I need to know or anything. I don't really feel up to looking hard core for a new job so I guess I will stay where I am and hope that they have something that I am remotely interested in for the fall.

I hate that I don't get to choose whether or not to stay home with our child because our society has decided that I can't be on Alicia's insurance. I'm sorry for whining, but it's just not fair.


Anonymous said...

Do this:

They offer insurance and you get to stay home. Doesn't hurt to just apply :) You could work the night shift.

What does Alicia do?

Lauren said...

It isn't fair, and you have every right to be upset.

That seems totally inadequate...but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry and really feel for you. I hope that someday, hopefully sooner rather than later, things will change and you will be able to stay at home with your kids and raise your family without these worries that unfairly overshadow your decisions.

Kathleen said...

You are NOT whining - it's TOTALLY not fair! At. All. I'm really, really sorry that you have to deal with this situation.