Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Best Kind of Saturday

Today was the best kind of Saturday.  All family - no major things to do.  I've been waiting for this kind of Saturday for a LONG time.  We had gone to the grocery store Friday night, so we didn't even have that on the agenda.  

We got up this morning and headed to the Stoney Creek Pumpkin Festival.  It's just a few minute from our house and it was so much fun.  I was unsure how into Parker would be because she is sometimes quite cautious and shy about those kind of things.  Not today!

First, she wanted to ride the "pumpkin train."  Based on past experiences, I thought she would freak out and wind up a crying mess.  Not today!  She was all smiles.  She did want us to walk behind her, but I think it's progress!
After the train, we explored the grounds and try to take advantage of some photo spots.  Parker was so interested in everything there that she didn't want to look at the camera.  Immediately after this photo Parker spied a blow-up caterpillar that kids could crawl through.  After our success with the train, I thought she might actually do it, but it turns out she just wanted to look at it closer.  We didn't have any tears, she just decided she didn't want to try after closer inspection.
We took a hayride to the pumpkin patch, which Parker loved.  She didn't want to get off!  We searched all around trying to find the right pumpkin for P.  I think she wanted one that was small enough that she could lift it by the stem.  We finally found one and she clutched it all the way back.  (She was also fascinated by the tractor pulling the wagon, which is what she's staring at in this photo.)
Alicia took the pumpkins to the car and Parker and I explored the farm.  Parker claimed that she really wanted to go on the "trampoline" (the bouncy pillow) but we didn't think that she would actually be able to navigate getting on the pillow by herself since it was REALLY busy by this time.  So, we distracted her with making a candle.  Basically, you had to take this pre-cut piece of wax and roll it around a wick. The woman got it started and then Parker finished all by herself! (Again, shocking because she had to interact with a person she didn't know!)

We did a little more exploring, took some silly pictures...
Watched the ducks on the pond (and the zip line above) ate a funnel cake, got a butterfly balloon and went home!
Parker took a 2 1/2 hour nap when we got home! :)  We played the rest of the afternoon at home (which Parker rarely gets to do).  Around 5, we decided we wanted some carmel apples, so we took a quick drive up the road to an orchard and got some with some cider.  

It was really great to just spend some time as a family without running errands or doing schoolwork.  Here's hoping we get more Saturdays like this in the future!

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Cathy said...

Sounds so lovely, almost makes some of those crazy ones worth it. Almost.