Monday, February 13, 2012

Weight Loss Journey Continued...

I have decided to do at least a weekly update on my weight loss journey, mostly to keep myself in check.  So, I guess this is the first update.

This is a horrible time of year, in general and for my family.  It’s gross and cold outside and we are SO busy.  Every time I turn around there is a basketball game or someone has a meeting –it’s always something.  So, I have been less than motivated to run.  Until a couple of a weeks ago, I religiously ran 3 times a week, through Thanksgiving, through Christmas – everything.  I was Hard Core.  But now, I’m like, “I’m tired. It’s late. It’s cold.”  All are just excuses.  Last week, I only ran once.  This scares me.  A lot.  I feel like I’m quitting.  I need to just get off my butt – no matter how tired or how late and just go.  I have just a few nights a week that I physically can run since we have so many commitments right now and I’m just not making good use of my time.  I should have gone last night, but I didn’t.  

That all being said, the scale was very kind to me this past week!  I lost 4.8  pounds!  I think I was just getting lucky.  Some weeks, I do all the right things and lose nothing.  This week I did all the wrong things and still lost weight.  I kicked off last week by overeating at a Super Bowl Party, then didn’t run as I should, then ate too much a couple of nights that we had basketball, then went out to dinner with friends and had (GASP!!!!!) dessert and a few fries.  (I should say though that I chose the berry crepe and not the quadruple chocolate pile of yumminess that I REALLY wanted to eat.) I thought for sure that I was heading straight back up, but the scale just kept slowly moving down. 

I think someone needs to remind me of this week when I’m doing everything right, but the scale isn’t cooperating.

Ok:  So here is my goal for this week.  It’s an oldie, but I haven’t been good about it.

I will run three times this week.  (If weather does not permit,  I will use our gazelle or do some Wii.  It’s not the same, but the commitment is the same.) As a result of other commitments, my runs have to be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

So, hold me accountable internet friends.  Ask me how my run was!  (Tonight it was decent!)