Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Alicia!

Yesterday was Alicia's birthday.  She had to work during the day, but was able to come home a little early.  Parker and I had gone out earlier in the day to get some cupcakes to celebrate.  Mmmmmm.....cupcakes.........
Parker and Alicia with the most delicious cupcakes!
 To celebrate, we went out to dinner and the to an Indians game.  Alicia and I had not been in several years and Parker had never been, so we figured it would be an adventure.  We opted for lawn seats because we figured P would need room to roam.  She loved looking over the fence at the game.
Peering over the fence

"Birthday" Mom and Parker
 More importantly, Parker loved the ice cream we bought her.  Baseball is a long game and Parker did very well considering the game went well past her bedtime.
The best part of the game!
 She did start to get a little crazy a couple hours in.  She just kept running around making super silly faces and just climbing all over us - I believe in an effort to stay awake.
Exhausted silly faces
 Then, she wanted to take (unflattering) pictures of us.  This was the best shot.  Might have been cute it I had had something supporting my head and wasn't making a goober face!
Parker's picture of us (Stellar, yes?)
 Parker held on for a LONG time.  The game ended around 10:00, but there were fireworks afterward so we hung around for a little bit longer.  Parker had been looking forward to it all night.  Clearly, she was getting quite tired.
Getting sleepy
I think she enjoyed the fireworks, but they were quite close and quite loud, so it was a little much after awhile.  The minute it was over, Parker asked to be picked up and was practically passed out by the time we got to the car.

It was a really good night.  I love my family so much and enjoyed every minute of this evening.  I hope that we are able to have many more nights like this one.

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