Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Adventures in Cutting a Christmas Tree

I am a Christmas Tree freak. I have to have the proper kind of tree, cut live the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It can be no other way. I'm not really sure why - I'm pretty sure that it's just my mother coming out in me. (Sorry, Alicia) Anyway, last year we finally found a tree farm that we liked. It's in Fortville. "Where?" you ask. It's in Hamilton county about 45 minutes away from here. But, totally worth the drive. Anyway, I was excited to take Parker to get the tree this year. Then I thought of the logisitcs of taking a two month old to cut a Christmas Tree. I don't think it would be so bad if I could actually wear the Baby Pack, but I can't. My boobs are too big (sorry if that was tmi, but as Andy Wright said years ago - I cannot hide my obnoxiously large breasts.) So, that meant that Alicia would have to carry Parker. This is fine, but I am not really strong enough to actually cut down the tree. Call me a wimp - go ahead - but it's the truth. It would have been challenging to have Alicia both carry the baby and cut down the tree. Luck happened to be on our side this year and my family was in town for Thanksgiving, so we took my brother, my father and his truck with us! We were completely freaked out that Parker would get there (after a 45 minute car ride) and want to eat, or start screaming once we were in the middle of the trees with nowhere to go, or - not even fit in the baby pack with her snowsuit on. So, we gave the snowsuit and the baby pack a test run in the living room, fed her right before we left - even stopped to get us some food when we were almost there just in case she wanted to eat again and loaded up on those expensive pre-made bottles we have gotten at the hospital and we trekked out there.

Parker was AWESOME! She slept through me putting her snowsuit on (in the car!) and through the entire wagon ride out there. She woke up once we arrived, we threw her in the pack and she had an awesome time. As long as Alicia was moving, Parker was happy. We finally found the correct tree, rode the wagon back and fed our happy baby in the lodge while my dad and brother took care of the tree. Gotta love happy babies and helpful family!

I think that the title of this post is actually more exciting that the actual event was! :) That is definitely a good thing.

Here are some picutres: Parker looking for a tree
Parker and Alicia, thinking I'm ridiculous for even attempting this adventure

The whole family waiting on the wagon out


Carrie said...

Kudos to you doing that with a 2 month old! You are very brave.

LOL on the Andy Wright comment! Whatever happened to him?

Rebecca said...

When do we get to see the beautiful tree all decorated?

Suellen said...

when I get it done. Hopefully later tonight.... Things go much slower with a baby! lol

Andrea said...

I'll try not to be insulted by the fact that Fortville is only 5 minutes from my house and I don't think I live way out there( oh and it's in Hancock county, by the way, not Hamilton). :P

Oh and Rob and I ran into Andy Wright about this time last year. I'm not 100% sure where he lives but I know he works at Ovation.

Kristin Kahl said...

Yeah, to you city folk, all "them H counties" outside 465 probably start to blend together.

I think you should convince J. Andrew to set up a Facebook account since everyone wonders what happened to that dude. ;-)

Cathy said...

I don't think you're crazy for taking Parker on this adventure. Actually I think she looks like she's having a FABULOUS Time! You indeed are brave. But you'll have this memory, and it is good.

Alicia said...

I look ridiculous in that hat. Why didn't you tell me?