Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Catching up - sort of

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy in the Sharp-LaMagdeleine house. This is my pathetic attempt to sort of get caught up.

The last weekend of Spring Break, Parker's Aunt Sally came to visit. She had recently taken a trip with her high school marching band to Disney World and she came bearing all sorts of gifts. Parker doesn't quite understand why she is wearing mouse ears. Aunt Sally stayed the whole week and then Grandma and Grandpa LaMagdeleine and Uncle Eric came to visit for Easter. I wasn't able to get any great shots of Parker rooting through her basket, but this one is pretty cute.

Grandpa LaMagdeleine introduced me to beer. I loved to play with the bottle. Too bad my moms wouldn't let me actually have some!

Then, later in the week Grandma L. and Eric came back to celebtrate Uncle Eric's birthday. I helped him open his gifts by "personalizing" my card to him.

Then, Saturday was such a nice day that Parker got to spend some time in my backyard hanging out with the fam.

Now, we are back in musical hell. However, it will be over soon. I should get to see Parker before she starts driving at least. Sigh. Oh - and I would like to point out that P is wearing a dress in TWO of these photos!


Krysten said...

I was totally going to comment on the fact that she was wearing dresses! I'm very impressed! Maybe she'll be a girly-girl after all! :) Only something like 30 school days left! Woohoo!

Suellen said...

That would be 28 days including today. (Not that I'm counting!)

Cathy said...

Hooray for the end of the school year. However, I also must comment on the cat sitting in the background eyeing those Mouse Ears, and he looks pretty partial to that Easter grass (at least mine was).