Friday, February 5, 2010

A Good Ole' Fashioned Whoopin'

This week is kicking my butt. I am completely wiped out. As many of you know, our house is on the market. We put it up a couple days before Thanksgiving and had a few showings before the holidays. Things were pretty slow for a few weeks, a showing here or there, but who0-boy did things kick up this week.

We had a showing Monday, and decided (on Sunday afternoon) that we needed to start kicking it up a notch in terms of how we are showing our house. So, around 4:00 on Sunday we started a massive purging/hiding of our stuff. (Okay, mostly hiding). Things are under chairs, under beds, in the garage. All I have to say about that is CURSE YOU HGTV! Anyway, this continued until around 11 when we went to bed.

Just as I was falling asleep, I started awake wondering if the paper I had for one of my classes, which was due at "Midnight, Monday February 1st" was due in 45 minute or in 24 hours and 45 minutes. I knew the technical answer, so I got up and hastily (read: poorly) finished it, sent it in and went to bed shortly after midnight. Then, again just as I was falling asleep, I am woken by the nightmarish screams of my darling daughter. She is a normally a really good sleeper, but she goes through phases where she has bad dreams and needs a hug to go back to sleep. It sounds like no big deal - it literally takes 30 seconds. That's 30 seconds with her and then I can't go back to sleep. The night continued like this - me finally drifting off to sleep and the Parker having a bad dream - for the rest of the night. I think I got 4 hours of non-consecutive sleep.

Monday was a full day with work and then heading straight to University for musical auditions, which kept me there until 8pm.

I was really looking forward to Tuesday because the season premiere of LOST was going to be on and the only thing we had planned was Kindermusik. 7:55: the phone rings. Can we show our house tomorrow between 12 and 1? Sure. No problem. Except that now I have to tidy/re-clean my house instead of relax on the couch. It's not that it's super dirty, but you always have to wipe down the counters, hide the stuff again, mop the floor, scoop the cat box (God forbid there be cat poop during a showing!). Anyway, not such a horrible night, but not the relaxing time on the couch that I had envisioned.

Wednesday, the fun begins. Lauren has to cart Parker all around town since she can be anywhere but in our house. (Let's remember it has been cleaned and Parker can destroy that in a matter of seconds). So, she spends all day other places. I pick her up from Amy's (Thanks Amy!) around 1:30. We go home, but leave at 2:45 for musical rehearsal. I'm really looking forward to Thursday, - sleeping in, no showings.... Ahhh.

Thursday: Parker gets up at 6:30 (WTF, baby?) 8:15am, the phone rings......showing at 3pm. I start frantically cleaning again (which is significantly harder with a cranky, clingy toddler). I think that it will all be okay because she normally naps from 11-1ish, so that should give me time to get everything done and not have to leave the house too early. Nope. She naps at 9:45 (maybe because you got up too early!!!!!!) and only for an hour and a half. Great. So, I get the stuff done, but now we have to leave much earlier than I would like. It's 12:30 and we're out. I successfully stall around town for a couple hours and then head to University where we stall for a little more before musical rehearsal (yes, this is a trend.). I drop Parker off with Nancy (because Alicia is in a meeting) and go to rehearsal. After rehearsal, I meet Alicia (who has brought dinner) with Parker so that we can have 30 minutes of family bonding time before the double header basketball game (oh, yes, my life is just that awesome!) Parker (who normally goes to bed at 7) makes it through the first game, but it fading fast. Nancy takes her back to her house where we all hope she goes to bed. We fight through the second game, which doesn't finish until 9:30. I get the kiddos all out and go to pick up my ridiculously exhausted daughter who has NOT slept. She is home and in bed by 10:15 - that's reasonable for a 16 month old, don't you think? (This is where I make my plug for parent of the year....)

So, yeah. That's my week so far. I'm hoping for no showings today. (That's terrible). Really, I'm hoping that one of the 2 we had yesterday. (I forgot to mention that they called at 5:25 asking to show it at 5:30 WHAT????? Luckily, we weren't home and the house was ready!) leads to something so that this craziness can end (or at least lead to different craziness. I just want to stay home and chill with P.


Andrea said...

Oh my gosh Suellen! I hope your weekend is much more relaxing!

If it makes you feel any better, we went to Jen's hometown last Friday evening and because Hailey took a 2 hour nap on the way down (on top of her 4 hour afternoon nap), she was wide awake when we got there at 9:30pm. Jen asked us to grab some stuff from the only store in town (Walmart) so we had our baby, wide awake, at Walmart at 11pm. Yep, we were those parents... ;)

Suellen said...

At least Hailey got 6 hours of sleep during the day. Parker - notsomuch. I went to pick her up and she just lifted her arms up and said, "home?" I felt terrible. :(

amypfan said...

You're welcome.... and you are welcome to come over here and hide and let your child nap or play whenever you have a showing. :)