Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not a Snow Day

Today was not a snow day for me. But, Alicia had one so Parker got to spend all day with her Mom. Alicia wasn't brave enough to take Parker outside by herself while she shoveled the driveway, so we all went out when I got home from work.

Here is what is apparently our annual "Parker on the snow pile picture." To see last year's photos, refer to my post from last January pics 2. (Yes, it's the same post as the last comparison picture.... She's also wearing the same hat. It was big last year and it's a little tight this year, but the other one is a little big and I wanted something that would keep her head the warmest!) Anyway.
P mostly wanted to walk up and down the driveway. She was intrigued by the shoveling process. She also wanted to walk in the snow, but only the little bit (about 2 inches) that was on the driveway. I put her in the deeper snow and she freaked a little. This was problematic because the driveway snow was disappearing! LOL
Here she is doing some laps up and down.
And this is just one of my favs from today.
Happy Un-Snow Day!


Lauren said...

These pics fall into the category of "freakin' adorable".

amypfan said...

I can't believe Alicia had a snow day and you didn't! Adorable pictures though.