Friday, September 26, 2008

Three things about Today

Today, I am wearing REAL pants. Okay, so they were my "fat" pants and they don't exactly fit the way I would like them to and they are a tad uncomfortable and they might get changed before the end of the day, but I am wearing real pants!!!!!! There is no tummy pannel or elastic waistband for your stomach to hang over. It makes me feel slightly human again. Plus, I would really like to get out of the house tonight and go to the store or something and I am not wearing pajama pants to the store!

Today, is our anniversary. 9 years. It feels like forever and like yesterday all at the same time. I'm bummed that the best way I know how to celebrate right now is with e-cards and real pants. I'm doing what I can, babe. I love you.

Today, Parker is a giant fuss. I have typed this entire thing with one hand because she fell asleep in the middle of getting her clothes changed (Alright, so I picked her up to calm her down for just a sec in between off with the old and on with the new since she was crying so hard she could hardly breathe - and we all know that I am paranoid about her breathing - and she fell asleep.) and now I am afraid to put her down or put her clothes on for fear that she will wake up and start screaming again.


Kathy said...

that's GREAT! :)

9 yrs! wow! happy anniversary! :)

Moonwatcher said...

Happy anniversary and happy real pants day!!! Congratulations on both...and a sleeping child is a great bonus!! :-)

Andrea said...

Congrats on 9 years!!!

Lauren said...

Yay for real pants! Believe me, I know how good that feels!

Happy Anniversary!!!

Kathleen said...

Happy Anniversary! (And yay for real pants!)

Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary! Good for you!Congrats on progress. You're back to non-maternity way before I was. Go Girl!
Chris wore diapers and receiving blankets for the better part of his first month, and that was it.