Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On the move????

I think by now everyone knows that Parker is not so big into being on her stomach. This has greatly reduced her attempts at rolling (which she has done 5 times TOTAL) and now, crawling. Lately, however, she has seemed a little more interested in the process.

She wants to go but has no idea how to do it. Alicia has been trying to "teach" Parker to crawl by demonstrating. Parker thinks this is hilarious! Don't get excited by this picture - she was set in this position during her "crawling lesson", but she is totally looking at Alicia like, "Okay Mom, I'm here. What next?"

The bigger exciting thing from the weekend is that Parker now (and quite suddenly) will stand by herself while holding onto an object. Before she would just sort of put weight on her legs while we held under her arms. Now, she doesn't want to sit and has started trying to pull herself up on things. I feel like things are moving a bit too fast. I think that by the end of summer she is going to be quite the handful!


Lauren said...

She has the most infectious smile! Love it!

Kristin Kahl said...

Don't fret! I was thoroughly convinced Miles would skip crawling all together - and suddenly he just got it. Enjoy the immobility while it lasts!