Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update on life

I don't think I have enough energy to form cohesive thoughts into a well thought out bit of writing. So, I think bullet points will have to do. Here's what's been going on (big and small) with us.
  • Parker has what appears to be her first crush on the baby in her book, "Jazz Baby." She kisses every page that he appears on and gets upset if someone else gives him a kiss.
  • Parker "reads" herself books. This is her version of "Click, Clack, Moo." "Cick, Cack, Moo! No bankets! No milk! No ecks (eggs)! Siddy (silly) Cows! Duck." Yeah, that about sums it up.
  • Parker LOVES visiting Alicia's school and seeing the bugs in Mrs. Bradley's room. Unfortunately, one of the bugs pooped on Mrs. Bradley's hand last time. Now, Parker refers to Carolyn as "Poop Bradley." Awesome.
  • Parker has a new big kid best friend: Maggie Beckman. Fine by me! :)
  • Alicia's student, Elise won the State Poetry Out Loud contest.
  • I am happy about this, but upset because 1) Alicia will be in Washington DC for several already chaotic days in April 2) Elise is the female lead in the musical and she will be gone at the beginning of "hell week."
  • I have been rehearsing 3 days a week for the musical- soon to be many more than this.
  • We have all been attending pep band games. I'm hoping this ends soon.. (This week????)
  • We've been cleaning our house more than I think I have in the past 5 years in the hopes of selling it. I think we might be close, but it's hard to tell.
  • We've been looking at houses so we aren't completely taken off guard if/when ours sells. We would love to find something closer to University, but that doesn't appear to be likely. So, instead we have fallen in love with something further away. Good job us.
  • I'm still plugging away at these classes. I have no idea how I'm doing in the one as the professor has not yet bothered to grade any work. The other class is okay so far.
  • This craziness will all end by May 11th. We will either be in a new house (or not). ALL performances of everything will be over!!!!! And, my classes will be done. Although I am thoroughly enjoying the work I am doing, it is exhausting. Even the classes are kind of interesting, know...the work bit. I am very much looking forward to summer and being able to spend the time with Parker that she deserves instead of the hour or so a day that she is getting now.
I think that's about it for now. Time for bed!


amypfan said...

Way to go, Elise!
Sorry to hear that life is ganging up on you.

amypfan said...

Oh yeah, and Poop Bradley? Priceless!