Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busy Bees

Whew. We have had a really busy weekend. During the day Friday, while we were all at school, Alicia's dad came down and started attacking our weed-field of a backyard. After we got home from school, we pretty much had time to go to dinner and come home and go to bed. Saturday, Alicia and her dad worked on the yard all day. Parker and I worked on going through her closet (getting rid of the too-small clothes, hanging up the new ones.) Parker took her nap and I got 1 coat of clear finish on 1 of the bookshelves. (Slow and steady wins the race on this project, I guess.) Parker woke up and I actually got to spend a bit of time with her, reading LOTS of books. The yard project finally finished and Parker got to play a little with her Grandpa Booga before going to bed. I continued to clean and organize P's room.

Today, we got up and ran to Target. They finally had the cube organizer that we had been eyeing for P's room on sale. So, we went out to get it! We also got Parker's Halloween costume and a winter coat for her. When we got home, we assembled the cube and P took a nap. Unfortunately this was rather short-lived so when Parker got up, we worked on moving all the stuff from the floor and the changing table into the cubes. (This is all part of our grand-plan to get the baby stuff out of Parker's room!) By the time we finished, it was time to get ready to go. Alicia and I actually got to go on a DATE! (What? A date you say? Yes. A real-childless-wine-at-dinner-fancy-restaurant-date!) We took P to a friend's house for babysitting and enjoyed a Parker-less couple of hours.

We got home a bit past her bed-time, but I don't think she was too much worse for the wear. We should do that more often.

So, that's that. A relatively unexciting, but productive weekend. Too bad the weeks aren't as great.

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Cathy said...

Hard to read the comment text on the new background. But I just wanted to say, Hooray for loving family and friend that help with yard work and let you have a hot date! Sounds like a great weekend, you've earned it!