Monday, September 27, 2010

Mysterious Closet Boo Boo

This past weekend we traveled to Northern Indiana to visit with Alicia's family and to attend a friend's baby shower on Sunday.  Parker always has fun with her Grandparents.  Yes, that's a band aid on her face.  Apparently, the new blogger thing actually loads picture in the order you choose them, so these pictures are all backwards from the way I wanted them.  So, just work with me.  More about the band-aid in a minute.
On Saturday, Parker was playing hide and seek in Grandpa's closet.  The first time I followed her in to make sure there wasn't anything she shouldn't be getting into.  I didn't see anything, so I left.  The game was that I would peek out from the door to the room and she would run into the closet and hide in the shirts.  Then, she would sneak out, see me and do the same thing over again.  The 4th or 5th time she ran back in, I hear a giant thump.  P came out and said, "I hit my head."  So, I gave it a kiss and she ran back in.  The next time she came out, her face was dripping blood.  Oh.  Ok.  So, whatever she hit gave her a nice gash under her left eye.

So, we watched some Sesame Street with an icepack.

 Alicia's parents had acquired this game, "Elefun."  Basically, there are about 30 butterflies that you stick in this elephant, turn on the game and it blows them into the air.  The object is to catch the most butterflies.  Parker's version pretty much included laughing while all the butterflies flew out and then picking them up off the floor.  However, after consultation of the rules, we learned that this IS legal. ;)
 And this is just a picture that I think makes Parker look like she's about 4.  Seriously, when did she get so big and long?

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