Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hair Cut and other SB '10 Adventures

We have been on Spring Break this week. It has been nice to be at home, spend some time together as a family and just get a little caught up in preparation for the coming crazy weeks. We started Monday by taking Parker to get her first hair-cut. We weren't looking to make it short - just even in out a little as it has been a little mullet-like lately. (And those piggies have been OUT OF CONTROL). So, here's a before.And here's a not so good after. P's hair can be worn down with barrettes now, although if she's doing any sort of playing it gets kind of crazy. Additionally, Parker hates "ball-ettes" (barettes). We tried it the day after the haircut, but it was a battle all day long.
Today we spent lots of time outside since it was so nice out! I've been finding it increasingly more difficult to get a shot of Parker's face, so these pics aren't great, but it's all I've got! Here is Parker on the big girl swing.
Parker wanted to play on the tennis court. Alicia asked her if she could walk on the white lines. It was super cute to watch her following Alicia around the lines.

P has a funny look on her face here, but she is "pinning" (spinning). I love her little foot!
And here is the embodiment of Parker lately. Little Miss Sass with her hand on her hip. We're in trouble come the teenage years! (Really, she's a good girl, but she is a little sassy!)
Break is almost over. :( But, summer will be here soon!

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