Monday, October 6, 2008

Perfect Ending

Today was a hard day.  Parker just did not want to sleep  - or really - did not want to sleep anywhere but on Mommy and I just was sick of holding a sleeping or fussing baby.  I wanted to take a real shower instead of rushing and throwing on some clothes (entirely skipping teeth brushing, deodorant and hair) because she was full-out screaming.  I wanted to pee without feeling guilty because she was, again, full-out screaming.  The house was completely trashed.  It looked like a bottle grave yard - remnants of feeding everywhere.  I kept trying to lay her down to sleep and start doing something else (generally pump the little porker some more milk) and she would just start up again.  I was getting pretty frustrated.

As I was sitting on the couch trying so hard not to move as to wake the child who was awkwardly sleeping on me and getting slightly agitated that Alicia hadn't yet left work, the garage door opened!!!!! She had come home early, bringing yummy dinner and flowers.  She picked up my mess and got the baby to go to sleep in her crib.  We then ate dinner - together at the table and spent some actual time together on the couch!  It was amazing.  

I don't know how she knew I needed that today.  Maybe it was just luck, but it definitely turned my day around.  I guess I should stop thinking evil thoughts about her in the middle of the night.... :)


Cathy said...

Poor things both of you. I'm so glad though that Alicia can mind read over distance to know Exactly what you needed. Hopefully Parker will sleep well tonight, since the day was exhausting.

Kathy said...

aww how sweeett!!

Krysten said...

I think we're living the same life - just in alternate places. Sadie has totally been behaving the same way. We went over to my parents' house last night on our way home from a walk. Adam went in the back room to take a nap while I nursed her. As soon as she was done, my parents whipped her away and kept her occupied. This was FANTASTIC, as I got a break. Adam ended up sleeping for almost 3 hours. This was also great, because when we got home, she was wide awake and SCREAMING again. Since Adam had had lots of sleep, he graciously took her downstairs for a while. After a few minutes, she started crying so vigorously again, that I ended up having him bring her back to me to eat some more. Then, she finally went to sleep! Now we're going to have to wake her up this morning because we have to go to the doctor. She's not going to like this for many reasons, but, we've got to take her. Her eyes are almost glued shut with gunky stuff whenever she wakes up and just filled with gunky during the rest of the day. Hopefully there's something they can do. Well, she's just woken up, so it's time to feed her!