Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chasing a Baby trying to get a photo op.

I thought it was challenging last year trying to get a good picture of Parker to put on a Christmas card. At least last year she didn't move anywhere! We were literally chasing Parker around the house. She did not want to sit still. We got a couple of cute-ish shots. Not all completely card worthy, but still pretty funny.

Here is Parker's posed shot on the piano bench.
Such a, notsomuch! I think it's hilarious though - she was making faces at Alicia.
She's telling me for the bazillionth time that there is a "tee" in her house!
This is when the fun really started. She was running all over the house, like a little milk drunk baby!
Finally, she decided to "smile" for the camera. I'm afraid that that this is the cheesy smile that we are going to get for the next few years!
Coming up: Christmas at the Zoo AKA Santa, Pt. 1


Cathy said...

Lots of cuteness going on, AND you are a Blogging Maniac!

Suellen said...

I can be a blogging maniac when there are three extra people who want some quality time with P!