Saturday, December 19, 2009

Top Secret (I mean it - Don't read this if your last name is Sharp!)

The Spirit of Giving

We thought that it would be cute if Parker could make gifts for her family. So on one of our shopping outings, we went to Jo-Anne's and bought some wooden circles, ribbon and paint. Alicia drilled a small hole in them and painted them white. The idea was that Parker could then add her own decorative paint touches (in red and or green.) We thought this would work really well because she is getting the hang of coloring and seems to enjoy it.

We hyped it up. "Parker, do you want to paint? She was excited. She didn't actually want to do the activity. We did a demo ornament. She was not interested. We took a break. "Parker, do you want to paint?" Her response, "Uh...No." (Repeat this several times.) Finally, she says, "Paint!" Okay, here we go. The only way she will do it is if I give her a new brush each time. She kept saying, "Dip. Dip."
Alicia helps her do the first one.
This is what most of the experience looked like.
It only took us three different "rounds" of painting to get 9 ornaments. You can see a couple of P's masterpieces sitting on the table.
The good news is that although she may not have had the stamina to enjoy painting all 9 ornaments, she did like a couple and she got to give her first one away today. :) She handed the present to the appropriate person and even (when prompted) said "welcome!" after she thanked her. That made me happy. :)


Rebecca said...

Very cute idea! Henry and I made apple cinnamon cut-out ornaments and I let him "sign" the back. You are much more brave than I...

amypfan said...

Love all the recent posts! Glad you're getting caught up on sharing all the cuteness. :)