Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Story of the Pink, Glitter-polka-dotted skirt AND Christmas at Grandma's

Alright boys and girls. I can't believe I'm putting this on the internet for everyone to see, but here it is. For Christmas, Parker received an outfit that consists of brown leggings, a brown skirt with pink, glitter polka dots and a matching pink shirt. The skirt and matching part of the shirt are made of whatever that stuff ballet tu-tus are made of. It's not exactly what I would pick out for my kid, but it was free, and Parker needs clothes at the moment. So, on the day we were going to celebrate Christmas with Alicia's family, we put her in it.

Here is the back shot (because I think her little baby booty is cute.)
Here is the front shot. (Please pardon the scraggly hair - P was running a fever and hates to have her hair done. I wasn't fighting.)
And here is Parker actually giving a nice smile for the camera. Again, pardon the red and puffy face. She above comment about the fever and previous post about the chicken pox.
Okay, now that you have all made fun of me and have gotten a good laugh, here is the real post about our visit with Alicia's family.

We actually arrived at Alicia's parents' house on Friday afternoon. We hung out Saturday and traveled to visit extended family Sunday and Monday. This left Tuesday evening to exchange gifts. Parker has been going to bed pretty early lately. I think it's because she's down to essentially one nap a day. So, if she's not in bed by 7:15, she is a MESS. Northern Indiana is on Central time, so this is 6:15 at her Grandma's house. It makes meals and other evening activities a challenge. Add to this the fact that she wasn't feeling good and you have a disaster in the making. She hung in there pretty well though.

Here is Parker watching her Grandma make mashed potatoes. (And eating a fruit strip!)
Parker listens as her Grandma reads a new book. (And Parker eats yogurt melts.)
P helps Grandma open a gift from her.

Parker examines the new movie she got.It's ironic that in 2 of these pictures Parker is eating because she ate hardly anything the entire time we were there.

Cute P stories from Grandma and Grandpa's house:
Parker can't say Eric (Alicia's brother). So, she just calls him Uncle. On Tuesday, when everyone but Grandma was at work, she wandered the house calling, "Uncle? Gampa?"

Alicia's Dad always says "ooga booga" to Parker. He taught her to say it so now she almost always says "Hi Gampa. Booga!"

We play with Parker but are not always at her beck and call. When you are at Grandma's there is always someone to play. Parker began sitting with her toys and saying, "Pay! Pay!" and patting the ground next to her. Someone (usually Grandma) would oblige!

Okay, I think I am officially caught up.

Merry Christmas to all.


Alicia said...

You forgot to mention that the Christmas sweatshirt my mom is wearing is from 1992, and that she got it for me when I was in the 6th grade.

amypfan said...

Who bought you this ensemble? In spite of the fact that it goes against everything you stand for, it's still awfully cute. :)

Suellen said...

Allie DeHaven (makes complete sense now, huh?) And don't worry - she got more clothes for Christmas, so there will be no need to wear it again!