Saturday, December 19, 2009

Decorating a Christmas Tree

When we last left off, the Sharp-LaMagdeleine family had cut down a Christmas tree. Friday night, we got it in the stand and set up the artificial tree. (Yes, we're a multiple tree household.) Saturday, when Parker woke up there were many boxes of decorations out. She immediately went to one and asked for, "hep, pease." (Help, please) So, we got out Parker's ornaments. She inspected each one and then laid it nicely on the ground. She got quite excited when I asked if she wanted to put them on the tree. At first she just set them on the branches, but then got the hang of actually hanging them on the tree. It was pretty cute. Unfortunately, I was caught in the moment of helping her and didn't get any pictures. Luckily, she was still interested later when we were adding the "generic" ornaments.
Here's P selecting the perfect ball to add.
Here's Parker's Grandma lending her a hand.
Parker inspecting the ornament to make sure it is fit to put on the tree
And lastly, a cheesy smile!
Up Next (I think...) Chasing a Baby around trying to get a cute Holiday Photo

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