Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas on the Farm

Last weekend, we trekked to Forreston, IL to celebrate Christmas with Alicia's Mom's side of the family. We spent the afternoon at her Aunt Kathy's house and Parker got to play with her second cousins, Taylor (whom Parker called Tator) and Reece (she could actually say Reece!)

They had tons of toys and Parker was in heaven! Interestingly, Parker, who has never really been a fan of riding things, loved this trike that Reece had.
Here she is showing her cheesy smile.
There was a small gift exchange for the kids and here's Parker opening a gift with her Grandma L.
It's a peek-a-boo frog!
While Parker enjoyed spending time with her family, getting gifts and playing with all the toys, her absolute favorite part of the trip was the cows. Parker has a mild obsession with both cows. This part of our family lives on a farm - WITH COWS!! We pointed them out as we were driving up and as soon as we got inside Parker started saying, "Cow! Moo!" We promised her that later we would go out to see the cows.
We didn't stay out too long as it was pretty cold. Parker was a little disappointed because the cows were eating when we went out and were NOT mooing, but she still thought it was pretty cool.
In our brilliant planning, we tried to get a picture of all three kids right before we left (and they were all DONE.) So, this is the best we got. I think Alicia's mom has a better one on her camera, but I don't have it yet. Reece (who is about a month younger than Parker) is on the left, Taylor (4) is in the middle and our "little" P is on the right.
I hope to get up one more post before Christmas! Fingers crossed...P's waking up.

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