Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jolly Days or Santa, Part 2

Before we left to visit Alicia's family, we wanted to take Parker to the Children's Museum to see Santa (for real) and to explore the Jolly Days exhibit. We went in the afternoon, which is apparently the perfect time to go. There were only a couple people in line for Santa! Yea. Parker did slightly better this time, but we didn't attempt to put her on Santa's lap or have me leave the picture!
Here she is "smiling" for the photographer.
Then, she looks to Alicia with her classic pout as if to say, "Save me, Mom!" I love how Santa is so engaged with Parker. (Seriously, he wasn't bad - he even talked to her after the picture, it's just funny here!)
We didn't hang around the rest of the Jolly Days area for very long. They were in the middle of several snowball fights, which were just LOUD and it was pretty crowded with big kids. I think P would have enjoyed playing with and on some of the things, but she was getting trampled and was kind of intimidated, so we left and tried the Yule Slide instead.
Here she is with Alicia. Apparently, Alicia said "Whee" all the way down. Parker, on the other hand, decided to say it after they stood up at the bottom! :)
We headed up to our normal stop, Playscape. Each time we go, Parker gets a little more comfortable with the sand. She has to go through a "eww! There's sand on my hands bit in the beginning, though."
Parker has always loved the water table. We've been taking her to the museum since she was 6 months old and it's so cool to watch her grow in the way she plays with the equipment.
Parker has started getting into pretending, which I think is amazing. Here she is playing with the giant dollhouse.
Since it was later in the afternoon, it wasn't crowded, so we decided to go to the basement and play with the Fireworks of Glass exhibit. (No good pics from that, sorry!) Then, Parker seemed intrigued by the trains, which isn't something that we have really done before. So, she played and even crawled under and in this exhibit. Immediately following this picture, she completely lost it though because she wanted to walk out and she couldn't. She had to crawl. She was not a fan!
Overall, a really great trip. My little girl is getting so big!

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