Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas at the Zoo or Santa, Part 1

Last Friday (December 11th) Parker had her 15 month appointment. They claimed that she is still 31.5 inches (which I'm not sure I believe because she was wiggling EVERYWHERE and her pants are getting shorter) and 24lbs, 12 oz. Both of those are in the 90th percentile. As a side note, ever since Parker had her EEG she hates going to the dr. She will scream for everything. It's pretty fun. She has gotten a little better, but there are still multiple tears. Anyway, this visit is pertinent to this post because on this visit, Parker's ears were actually clear! :) She has had an ear infection (or 2) since her birthday. So, this was indeed a momentous occasion. What this meant for poor Parker, however, is that she got to get LOTS of shots, five to be exact.

So, what did we, her really thoughtful Moms decide to do that night? Take her to Christmas at the Zoo, of course! Now, in fairness, she was doing fine - just a little cuddly.

Here is Parker all bundled up heading in. She seems to be really excited.
Here's P looking at the fish (if she can see from under her hat!)
We had never been to Christmas at the Zoo before and sort of knew that there were special activities, but hadn't really investigated prior to going. We went into the tent and found both Santa and cookies. We had planned on taking Parker to see Santa at the Children's Museum the following week, but there was no line and we thought it might be good to have sort of a trial run. As you can see, it went really well. :)
She calmed down slightly when I came back in the picture, but is clearly unhappy. A minute after we were done, she started saying, "Tanta!" I was hopeful for the next visit.
Parker LOVES cookies, so of course we had to decorate one. She didn't want to actually put the frosting on, but was quite interested in watching Alicia do it.
Then we ate the cookie.
And what would an outing be without an obligatory posed shot?
In the next episode: TOP SECRET for family members!!!! (Seriously, if you are related to me - don't read until after we open gifts. I'm being serious - don't do it!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be sad.)


Krysten said...

Since Sadie slept through her Santa visit and it's such a funny picture, we're not taking any chances at doing it again!

And - she also cries constantly at the doctor. She doesn't even have to be going to her own doctor. When she went with my mom to her doctor, she screamed the whole time, even though it was Grandma who was getting the shot! :)

Suellen said...

Oh. Parker's screaming is not limited to her own dr either. It's super fun! :)